Anna Lavender

Anna lavender is a Ukrainian- American photographer and writer who specializes in natural and city landscape, fashion, weddings and engagements, and event photography.  She grew up in a very artistic and musically inclined household with a family of musicians and artists.  Anna began her journey behind the lens at a young age starting with 35mm film taking snapshots of everything around her which further led to her discovery and deep passion of the darkroom and personally developing the photos she took. The intimate and physical aspect of developing her own photos is what made her fall in love with photography and strive to tell a story with each and every photo she would take.  Eventually she expanded her horizons and moved on to digital photography where she gained a broader understanding of the craft and was able to learn different ways to enhance her photos, teach herself new techniques, and ultimately discover a whole new world in Photoshop where she had access to more control over the effects and unique style to her work.  Anna has a unique way of capturing the simplicity and beauty of everyday life and places around her through minimal compositions focusing on a single subject that intrigues her.  She naturally creates special moments through her artistic eye that would otherwise not exist and tells a unique story through each and every photo she takes.  

Anna resides in Northern California where she continues to build her portfolio and explore her passion through photography and writing, with a novel soon to be completed.  


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Instagram: @anna.lavender

Paris, France