My Favorite Escape

You are my favorite drug

There is no other kind of fulfillment

I take you in and drink you down

With water from a corroded sink


I only taste the bitterness of the water

But as time walked by

I felt the drug take its place

Slowly, you took me away to an escape


Running away from the things of the world

Where our own world takes shape

And turquoise skies

Turn into a fire of magenta and lavender

And a blanket of stars cover the warmth


One distant moon pulls closer

And the long path leads you to where

In the clouds we meet again with a passion

Illuminating the moving of the oceans tides


Watching intensely the dialogue between our eyes

While our footprints disappear slowly into the milky sand

We are enraptured in our escape

And there is no turning back.


Originally written 9/11/2003